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Information for potential Faculty/ Scientists
CDRI, a premier drug research organisation of the country, is always in a lookout for brilliant young researchers who aspire to join CDRI for building their career and do something novel and unique in their career. In its pursuit to improve the healthcare sector of the society by developing new drugs, diagnostics, vaccines as well as new healthcare techniques, CDRI thrives to take on board all those who have the same vision and possess the dedication and perseverance to achieve those envisaged goals.
Broadly, CDRI works in the following areas :
Cancer and related areas

CNS/CVS and other disorders

Malaria and other parasitic Diseases

Reproductive health, Diabetes and Energy Metabolism

Tuberculosis and Microbial Infections

Safety and Clinical Development
Indian citizens who dream of highest scientific accomplishments and have a strong research aptitude and a proven record of scientific achievements may write to recruit@cdri.res.in

Frequently Asked Questions of potential Faculty/Scientists
Which are the specialized areas of research your Institute is looking to hire scientists in?

Cancer and related areas :
Cancer Biology and Therapeutics, Discovery and preclinical development of anticancer agents with special emphasis on breast, lung, pancreatic and skin cancer.

CNS/CVS and other disorders :
Cardiovascular Pharmacology (Hypertension, dyslididemia, atherosclerosis, stroke and thrombosis), Central Nervous System ( dementia and stress) and Other related disorders ( gastric ulcers and inflammation) - Pharmacogenomics, Immunology, Cell Culture, RT-PCR, FACS Analysis, Immunohistochemistry, ELISA, cloning, sub cloning, gene expression and purification, protein-protein interaction and expertise in 2D electrophoresis and MALDI-TOF systems.
Fermentation Technology candidates must have experience in isolation/identification of microbes, including marine, sponge - derived actinomycetes, myxobacteria and fungi for the development of novel anti-cancer and anti-infective agents using powerful tools of microbial genomics, combinatorial biology, combinatorial biosynthesis, microbial natural products chemistry and innovative anti-cancer/infective drug screening assay systems along with metabolic engineering.

Malaria and other parasitic Diseases :
Expertise in Chemotherapy, Immunology and molecular Biology of parasitic diseases of biomedical importance viz: malaria, leishmania and Filaria.
Reproductive health, Diabetes and Energy Metabolism :  
• Expertise in female and male contraceptives, spermicides with anti-STI properties, agents for the management of osteoporosis, cancer breast and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Some of the areas of interest are : Neuroendocrinology, Cell surface receptor signalling and Bone biology and joint and cartilage biology.
• Documented expertise in diabetes and obesity. Diabetes research in CDRI focuses on developing therapeutics, knowledge base on diabetes/dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome through basic research
Tuberculosis and Microbial Infections :
Ph D with five years of post doctoral experience in the area of molecular and cellular microbiology, bacterial pathogenesis, regulation of gene expression, bacterial genetics, creating knock outs, conditional knock outs, host-pathogen interaction and microbial immunity. Research expertise in these areas would be directed towards the drug discovery programme of CDRI. Experience must be demonstrated with good publications in leading high impact microbiology journals.
Safety and Clinical Development :
Person with Doctorate degree in Medical, Veterinary, Pharmacy and Life Sciences with experience in area of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology, Pharmacology and Clinical trials.
What are the qualifications you seek in a candidate, other than a degree and publications?

One of the main criteria for selection is the scientific track record. Another important factor is the age of the candidate; we prefer younger candidates. We feel that this is likely to have an effect on the candidate becoming successful in future. We also have wonderful schemes for fresh young successful PhDs or early Postdoctoral Fellows to begin their independent research career in India earlier than others.

In What position do you plan to appoint researchers?

At entry level, we normally consider candidates with approximately 1-3 years of postdoctoral experience for a Scientist C ( Gr IV (2)) and with 4-6 years of postdoctoral experience for a Scientist E- I (Gr IV (3)).

What is the selection process?

At CDRI, we are constantly on the look-out for new faculty with suitable research interests and excellent credentials. Candidates can initially send his/her CV and research proposal to recruit@cdri.res.in. Documents like transcripts/certificates are not mandatory at this stage. All the applications received are acknowledged, filed and will be taken into account. We expect interested applicants to visit CDRI for informal scientific interaction and delivering lecture on their work. This can be done at any time during the year by mutually agreeing on the dates. CDRI may consider offering short-term temporary position to suitable candidates pending appointment through regular appointment procedure.
Formal advertisements with a detailed description of the post, job description and required documents will be put out from time to time. At this stage, the candidate will have to formally respond by submitting detailed applications complete with all documents asked for in the advertisement.

What will happen when I Visit CDRI?

You may be invited to give a research seminar and thereafter interact with our scientists. It will be nice if you can plan on spending at least one day at CDRI, if you are invited.
The seminar: Give this the importance it deserves and provide some knowledge on relevant background in the area. Target your audience well; remember that it will have widely varied backgrounds and you could plan a slightly longer introduction if you feel your work is very different from what an audience at CDRI might be used to listening. Make it obvious that you have not only the ability to produce data, but also the capability to think wisely about it. You will have sufficient time to make the best use of it.

Meetings with individual scientists: We will schedule a series of meetings with a section of the researchers working in spectrum of activities similar to that of the candidate. The meetings with individual scientists will be informal and interactive and give you a chance to discuss your research interests in more detail. You will also have an opportunity to learn the research interests of different scientists. Faculty members will be keen to find out how your experience and research abilities will enrich CDRI.

Meeting with CDRI Director: Come prepared with a list of all that you would need to get started at CDRI, if you were to be selected. Make sure you have thought about all you need to be productive in as short a time as possible in CDRI.

What is the pay package offered by your institute?

The current Indian scenario presents a 2 tier pay structure. The first tier is the fixed government salary determined by the post usually linked to age, experience and track record. These will be comparable to most government funded Institutes in the country. CDRI intends to hire scientists with post-doctoral experience at Scientist C & E-I levels which roughly correspond to a monthly salary of Rs.45,000 to Rs.50,000 respectively.
If you have excellent academic credentials, CDRI will support your application for various competitive Fellowships that can provide additional monetary benefits. For instance, Wellcome Trust fellowship, DBT Young scientist career fellowship, Raman Research Fellowship, INSA young scientist medal etc. have a fairly good financial support attached to them. CSIR gives to its employees an additional take-home salary, if one wins certain national awards like S S Bhatnagar Award and CSIR young Scientist award.

What sort of start-up research funding is available at the Institute?

While this is highly variable and depends on the requirements of the research area, new faculty are generally given small seed money, mostly for consumables, to initiate their works. This will have to be followed up by regular project applications to various funding agencies.

Is there on-campus housing?

Yes, Housing facility is available in our residential colony which is located about seven kilometres from the present campus. In-campus housing facility will be available in the new campus.

Does CDRI have an academic programme? Will I eventually have Ph.D students working with me?

Yes, CDRI has a Ph.D. programme. Most of CDRI scientists have 4-7 Ph.D. students and additional project staff working in their groups. Scientists of CDRI are recognised as the faculty of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU, New Delhi) to which most of the research students are registered. The Ph.D. programme has been further strengthened with the establishment of the Academy of Scientific and Industrial Research ( AcSIR). Suitable CDRI scientists are going to be recognised as faculty of the Academy.

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