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Picroliv is a hepatoprotective agent of plant origin. It is an iridoid glycoside mixture containing 60% picroside I and kutoside in the ratio of 1:1.5 obtained from the plant, Picrorhiza kurrooa ( root and rhizome ). Picroliv ( 6 and 12.5 mg/ kg ) has shown efficacy comparable to silymarin ( 10 and 20 mg/ kg ) in rodent models of galactosamine, paracetamol, thioacetamide and CC14 induced hepatic damage. Picroliv has shown cholerectic effect in rat and anti-cholestatic effect in rat, guinea pigs and cats treated with paracetamol and ethinyl estradiol. It has also antiviral and immunostimulant activities. Picroliv is devoid of any significant CNS and CVS , autonomic and other systemic activity.

Picroliv appears to be safe in rats and monkeys and has excellent therapeutic index. Phase I and II clinical trials have been conducted and the drug has shown no side effect and is well tolerated.


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