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Advance Training
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Guidelines on Advance Training Programmes
Effective from July 1, 2013
Under this programme the institute conducts different kinds of training of short duration in various disciplines (listed below) against payment. The courses comprise both lectures and practicals by our eminent scientists with emphasis on practical R & D aspects in a particular discipline. The programme is most suited to candidates sponsored by industries, academia and research institutions from all over the country and abroad.
List of Disciplines in which institute offers training
Design and syntheses of new molecular entities
Drug metabolism & disposition ; isotopes in drug research
Isolation of natural products including marine resources and purification techniques
Drug delivery system; quality control and stability studies of drugs & pharmaceuticals
QSAR studies and molecular modelling
Clinical pharmacology
Modern techniques in NMR, Mass Spectrometric studies, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy·
Breeding of laboratory animals, their care, management/genetic characterization of laboratory animals their breeding, management of non-human primates and genetic quality control of inbred strains
Combinatorial organic synthesis & peptide chemistry
Tissues culture and cryopreservation
Molecular methods (immuno and genetic) for diagnostics (parasitic and microbial infections)
Molecular biology and crystallography
Maintenance of protozoan and helminthic infection (in vitro and in vivo); breeding and rearing of vectors of protozoan and helminthic infection
Identification, collection, processing and marketing of medicinal plants
Antimicrobial, antiviral and antimalarial drug evaluation (in vitro and in vivo) · Recombinant DNA technology/microbial genetic techniques    
Categories of Trainees

1. Trainees from Academia/organizations
2. Trainees from Industries (private & public sector)
3. IAS , INSA & NASI Summer Fellows
4. Postgraduate Student Trainees
5. Research Students training
6. Training in Instrumentation (SAIF)
7. Training in Laboratory Animal Science for Technical personnel


For 1 and 5 categories training, candidates with Master degree or equivalent in Organic Chemistry, Life Sciences, Microbiology, Zoology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology are eligible.

For category 3, eligibility will be as per the guidlines of IAS, NASI and INSA Summer Fellowships program , For category 4, students must be pursuing their Postgraduate course from reputed Govt. Universities/ Colleges in any of the relevant areas mentioned above and have secured at least 55% marks in all examinations from High school to Graduation.

Candidates possessing Bachelor degree or equivalent in Veterinary Science and working in a Govt. or private sector and interested in training to maintain and breeding of animals are eligible for category 2, 6 and 7

Number of Trainees

Total number of trainees is fixed and it would not be more than 200 per year in any case. Out of 200 candidates, 100 candidates will be accepted for 1st half of the calendar year and remaining 100 will be accepted for the 2nd half of the calendar year.

Duration of Training

For categories 1, 2 and 5-7 duration will be 2-12 weeks.
For IAS, INSA & NASI Summer fellows duration will be 2 months.
For category 4, duration will be minimum 4-6 months and may be up to 1 year.

How to Apply

Please send an official letter from the concerned organization sponsoring the candidate alongwith the biodata of the employee clearly mentioning the specific area in which training is required. For Postgraduate trainees, a copy of biodata, original recommendation letter of the Head of the Department/Institution, area in which he/she would like to complete training to fulfil the Master degree and a half page write up in brief about the work which will be carried out during the training period.

When To Apply

Applicants can submit their applications throughout the year. Applications received during (November 16 to May 15) from Postgraduate trainees will be processed in between May 16 to June 15 and letter to accepted candidates will be sent by speed post in the first & second week of June and candidate will be asked to join the training programme from July 1-10 of every calendar year. Similarly applications received during (May 16 to November 15) will be processed in between November 16 to December 15 and letter to accepted candidates will be sent by speed post in the first and second week of December and candidate will be asked to join the training programme from January 1-10 of every calendar year.

Criteria for selection of Postgraduate Trainees

Selection of Postgraduate trainees will be made on merit basis. However, eligibility of trainees does not guarantee for the selection but it would depend on availability of space in the concerned scientist lab and also other factors, like the upper limit of number of trainees allowed per year. Preference would be given to those trainees who are pursuing their Postgraduate course from IITs, Central Universities, all the UGC approved State Govt. Universities, JNU affiliated colleges, NIPER, Vanasthali Vidyapeeth etc.

Monitoring of Training programme & Certificate Distribution

For this purpose, all trainees will be provided/ given a form to fill up before they complete the training .Feedback/comments from all the participants would be welcome in order to improve this programme. Certificate to all trainees will be distributed, by the Director or his nominee, who would complete their training/project work successfully.


• Not to send application through e-mail
• Not to send application, if you are pursuing your undergraduate course
• Not to make any query about the acceptance or rejection before the application is processed
• Not to apply, if you are not eligible for training
• Minimum attendance in lab for receiving the certificate is 90 %.

Training Fee

• Rs.5000/-per month for Postgraduate Student Trainees
• Rs.2000/-per week from Research Scholars.
• Rs.3000/-per week from Employees of Academic/Government Organisations
• Rs.15000/-per month for Employees and Pharmaceutical Industries.
• Free of cost for CSIR employee’s children and those who join summer fellowship program under IAS, INSA & NASI.

Note: All kind of trainees must ensure that they have to complete their training/ dissertation work within the given period of time and leave the Institute after collecting their certificate on the last day of training
Contact Person

For all kind of training (except type 3) please send application (in the form of Hard copy only) to:

Dr. D N Upadhyay, Senior Principal Scientist
Science & Technology Management Division

CB.S. 10/1, Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension, Sitapur Road, Lucknow‐226031 (India)
e-mail : Sitapur Road, Lucknow‐226021 (India)
e-mail :

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