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  Analytical Services
The Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility has several highly sophisticated and modern analytical equipment. Analytical services are offered to both internal and external users. The facilities are availed by about 250 internal users and 500 external users annually. More than 80% of the external users comprise researchers from universities and colleges. Researchers from national laboratories and industries constitute the rest. Some of the major facilities being provided are:
Mass spectrometry
NMR spectrometry
Routine facilities such as IR/UV, GLC
Service to the outside users is provided on payment basis. The samples required for test also vary have to be sent as per the requirement of the analysis.
Charges for the Analytical Services and the requirement of test Sample
Service Charges *
Facility Requirements on test sample Charges in Rs./ hr./ sample / spectrum Service Tax (12.36%) will be extra
Mass Spectrometers
Jeol SX-102 (FAB)

Micromass Quattro II

Shimadzu QP-2000

Micromass TofSpec 2E
1 - 2 mg
Nature of the sample, melting point, solubility, elements present, expected m.wt & structure, GC conditions and GC trace for GC/MS, LC conditions & LC trace for LCMS. ESI MS is possible only in methanol, acetonitrile or water.
per hr. or part thereof with a minimum of Rs. 1500/- per sample for additional facilities such as negative ion, FAB, APCI, ESI, LC/MS & MS/MS, MALDI TOF MS, DARTMS

1000/- per hr or part thereof for GCMS.
NMR Spectrometers
Bruker DRX-300
(300 MHz FT NMR with low and high temperature facility
-90°C to +80 °C)

Bruker Avance 400
(400 MHz FT NMR with, 5 mm multi-nuclear inverse probe head, low and high temperature facility and HRMAS accessory)
2-4 mg for 1H NMR & 30-40 mg for 13C NMR experiment
Nature of compound, e.g., carcinogenic, radio active, solubility, lachrymatory, explosive, hygroscopic etc., structural formula (contemplated/known). Required amount of sample must be soluble in 0.5-0.6 ml of deuterated solvent.

2-4 mg for 1HNMR and 30-40 mg for inverse 2D experiments (X-H). Rest same as above. 13C, 31P etc spectra can also be recorded but with lesser sensitivity.

For HRMAS measurements 100-500 μg sample must be soluble in 12-50 μl of solvent for 1HNMR, 2 mg soluble in 50 μl of solvent for 13C or inverse 2D experiments (1H-13C). Gel NMR measurement as well as resin bound molecules NMR measurement can be carried out
1000/- for each half hr. or less
100/- solvent charges extra for deuterated solvents other than CDCl3 and D2O.

Shimadzu 8201 PC
(4000-400 cm-1)
Perkin Elmer
Spectrum RX1
(4000-450 cm-1)
5-10 mg
KBr/Nujol/CsI/CHCl3, nature (hygroscopic, explosive etc.)

per spectrum per samples
Gas Liquid

Perkin Elmer
Autosystem XL
2-5 mg
Nature of compound, solubility, melting point/ boiling point, column (if known)
per hr. per sample
Elemental Analyzers
Elementar Vario EL III
Carlo Erba 1108
10 mg
other elements present,
approximate % of nitrogen
per element per sample
Rudolf Autopol III
20 mg
sample should be completely
soluble in the suggested solvent &free from foreign particles
per sample
* Charges given are for Private Industries
National Laboratries and Private & Government Small Scale Industries will pay 3/5th of these charges;
** Fixed charge- same for all.
Note :
As per Govt. rules Service Tax (12.36%) will be charged on the analysis charges.
The analytical data/spectra are provided only for research/ development purposes. These can not be used as certificates in legal disputes.
Service charges are payable in advance by crossed bank draft in favour of the Director, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow-226001.
Samples and payment should be sent preferably in the same cover. Separate samples should be sent for different analysis. Samples are not analysed till payment is received.
Maximum 5 samples for Mass, 5 samples for 13C, 19F, 31P NMR and 10 samples for other types of analysis are accepted at a time.
Please send the samples in quantity as mentioned in the brochure. Samples are not recovered unless a special request is made.
In all correspondence related to analysis our reference number must be mentioned.
Radio -active material should be clearly mentioned and handed over personally.
Unstable and explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.
Services are rendered to only those users who regularly give us feed-back about the end-use of the results, e.g., thesis, patent, process, publication etc.
Research fellows and students are advised to send their application and samples through their Supervisor or Head of Department. The request should be on University / College / Institute letter head.
Interpretation of spectra is not undertaken normally. In special cases this service can be provided on payment of extra charges.
All Communication should be addressed to
Sophisticated analytical Instrument Facility,
Central Drug Research Institute,
Post Box No.173,
Lucknow 226001
website copyright © Central Drug Research Institute. All rights reserved.
No part of this should be Downloaded or used in any way other than the non-commercial purposes without prior permission of the Director, CDRI.
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