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  Admission to Ph.D. Programme
CDRI is a pioneer research organization in the field of biomedical research in India. It has the infrastructure and expertise to develop a drug right from the concept stage to the market. The institute’s latest techniques and services are employed for developing drugs, diagnostics and vaccines to combat diseases prevalent among mankind in general and Indian population in particular. Since its establishment, on 17th Feb. 1951, the institute has provided leadership on all fronts of drug R&D, namely, development of new molecules, novel products, cost-effective indigenous process know how for institute’s candidate drugs and generic drugs/drug intermediates, quality research manpower and trainings in use of sophisticated tools and techniques in drug research. Several of the institute products and process know how have been successfully commercialized leading to treatment of diseases, products availability for indigenous and international markets and generation of foreign exchange. Besides, the Institute has played a critical role in putting the country on the international scene in drug R&D.

CDRI trains a large number of students and has a robust Ph.D. program in different areas of Life sciences/Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical sciences, directed towards new drug development. CDRI provides a vibrant academic atmosphere enabling inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas of research to flourish. The R & D divisions of CDRI where students can pursue their Ph. D. studies are as follows :


• Biochemistry
• Botany
• Clinical & Experimental Medicine
• Endocrinology
• Medicinal & Process Chemistry
• Microbiology
• Molecular & Structural Biology
• Parasitology
• Pharmaceutics
• Pharmacokinetics & Metabolism
• Pharmacology
• Sophisticated & Analytical Instrument Facility
• Toxicology

Thrust areas of research and their objectives are :
Malaria and other Parasitic Diseases
• Development of new drugs/drug combinations as therapeutic interventions for malaria, leishmaniasis and filariasis
• Establish novel target based drug assay protocols for identification of new leads;
• Knowledge generation on parasite biology and host parasite interactions.
Reproductive Health Research, Diabetes & Energy Metabolism
• Development of novel agents for fertility regulation, management of post-menopausal osteoporosis, type II diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemic condition and other endocrine disorders through modern drug design, scientific validation of traditional remedies;
• Understanding pharmacological basis of actions of promising agents & existing therapeutics and undertake basic research to generate new knowledge on reproductive endocrinology relevant to fertility regulation, osteoporosis and diabetes.
Tuberculosis and Microbial Infections
• Simplification and shortening of treatment for drug-sensitive tuberculosis and search of new treatments for MDR-TB;
• Development of new drugs for bacterial, fungal and viral (HIV and JEV) infections and tuberculosis.
CVS, CNS and Related Disorders
• Development of new target based drugs to alleviate CVS, CNS and related disorders (hypertension, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, anxiety, psychosis, dementia, stroke, stress, gastric ulcers and inflammation);
• Carry out excellent basic research to delineate the molecular mechanisms of these pathologies so as to identify suitable targets for drug discovery, as well as to analyze the possible mechanism(s) of action of the candidate drugs.
Cancer and Related Areas
• Creation of appropriate platform for interdisciplinary collaborative research;
• Creation of knowledge base in cancer biology;
• Lead identification/optimization to obtain drug-like molecules.
Safety & Clinical Development
• Pre-clinical, clinical development and commercialization of new generation affordable drugs for diseases of national importance and international relevance;
• Center of excellence in the field of Clinical trials, Regulatory toxicology, Safety pharmacology, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics & metabolism and catering to the needs of pharmaceutical industries.
Excellent synthetic organic chemistry/medicinal chemistry group contributes to all the above research areas in CDRI

Over the last six decades, CDRI has built a unique model for drug research in India – having everything under one roof, from synthesis, screening, development studies, process up-scaling to clinical studies. Keeping in view of the paradigm shift in drug R&D approaches in the last decade, the institute has upgraded its capabilities and strengths to match global standards. The major R&D facilities available at CDRI include overall S&T base for drug discovery & development; Molecular & structural biology equipped with modern facilities for characterization of drug targets and elucidation of mechanism of action; High-throughput screening; Drug quality control, standardization and formulation development; Chemical and fermentation technology development; Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility equipped with state of the art analytical equipments; National centre for pharmacokinetic and metabolic studies; National facility for regulatory pharmacology & toxicology; and Knowledge resource centre for the scientists and entrepreneurs involved in biomedical research and pharmaceutical industry.
CDRI research programs envisage to rapidly adopt new approaches and technologies in order to build up its capabilities in drug discovery, research and development. The overall scenario is very promising as the institute have all the expertise, state of the art facilities, ready for shift newly constructed state-of-the-art institute, more than 150 scientists from a wide range of disciplines, 360 technical staff, more than 450 research scholars, the institute is poised to deliver new drugs and technologies in the pursuit of affordable drugs and healthcare for all. Students will have ample opportunities to interact with reputed scientists of the Institute, other CSIR Laboratories and fraternity from Lucknow, national and international laboratories. Students are permitted to attend the conferences at national and international platforms.


The PhD program at CDRI consists of flexible course work, followed by advanced research leading to a PhD thesis on a specific topic. The PhD program is normally completed in 4-5 years.

Admission to the PhD program



Schedules of Online application
1 January Semester: M.Sc./M.Tech/M.Pharm./M.S. in Life sciences/Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Sciences (Medicinal chemistry/pharmaceutics/pharmacology/ pharmaco-toxicology/bioinformatics)/Organic or Analytical Chemistry/M.B.B.S. and qualified in CSIR-UGC-NET, ICMR, DBT examinations for Junior Research Fellowship.         Available at CSIR-CDRI website during Oct/Nov every year.
2 July Semester: Qualification same as above. Students appearing in their final semester/end term exam may also apply with their 3rd semester/Ist year result and subject to their final result to be submitted before they join the program. Available at AcSIR, New Delhi website during April/May every year.
3 GPAT qualified second year, 3rd Semester students pursuing M.S. (Pharm) or M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutics/ Pharmaceutical Technology/Pharmacology/Pharmaco-Toxicology disciplines only may apply for GATE-JRF positions tenable at CSIR-CDRI from July onwards after the completion of post graduation. Available at AcSIR, New Delhi website during Oct/Nov every year.
4 Project Assistants/Project JRFs who have cleared NET (LS) or GATE exam and are working in CSIR-CDRI with a minimum of two years experience (provided they fulfil the criteria laid down by the institute). Available at AcSIR, New Delhi website during  April/May every year.
5 Candidates working in CSIR-CDRI and have been awarded SRF. Available at AcSIR, New Delhi website during  April/May every year.
6 Limited number of Candidates (With institute Director's  approval)  having Master's degree in  Life sciences/Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Sciences/Organic or Analytical Chemistry Sciences with endorsement from an Industry for full term residential program and full financial including contingency support during the entire period. Available at AcSIR, New Delhi website during  either April/May or Oct/Nov every year.


1 First batch of JRFs to join  in the first week of January.   All candidates will be registered at  JNU, New Delhi for Ph.D. program.
2 Second batch of JRF to join in the first week of July. All candidates will be registered at AcSIR, New Delhi  for Ph.D. program commencing in August.
3 GPAT-JRFs to join in the first week of July. All candidates will be registered at AcSIR, New Delhi for Ph.D. program commencing in February in the following year of their joining.
4 Project Assistants/Project JRFs already working in CSIR-CDRI selected through interviews to join for Ph.D. in the first week of July. All candidates will be registered at AcSIR, New Delhi for Ph.D. program commencing in August.
5 Candidates working in CSIR-CDRI and have been awarded SRF. All candidates will be registered at AcSIR, New Delhi for Ph.D. program commencing in August.
6 Candidates having Master's degree with endorsement from a Industry for  full term residential program. All candidates will be registered at AcSIR, New Delhi for Ph.D. program commencing either in February or August.
    Advertisement of Admission process and schedule of application subission etc. are advertised on our website twice a year (May and Sept).
    After the advertisement is uploaded, the desirous candidates need to fill up the on-line application form that is available at the institute’s website.

After submitting the online application form, applicants need to get a print out of the system generated page containing the ID ticket.

Applicants are required to send the ID ticket along with their photograph, photocopies of certificates of date of birth, educational qualifications and proof for qualifying JRF/GPAT by post to Scientist-in-Charge, Academic Affairs Division, Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR), Bs 10/1, Sector 10, Jankipuram Extension, Lucknow-226 031
The last date of receipt of documents is as per the schedule advertised.
Applications without hard copy submission of documents are not considered.
    Selection Procedure

All the applications are screened by a committee.

Candidates who are found suitable are called for written examination/interview/counselling at CDRI, Lucknow to be held on scheduled dates which are duly intimated to the selected applicants.
The committee sets up criteria for short listing the candidates.
No TA is paid by CDRI
Candidates have to make their own arrangements for 2-3 days stay at Lucknow.
The number of students to be selected will depend on the vacancies available with scientists at CDRI.
    Seat Availability
Number of seats available with each Scientist. (hyperlink to be available later)
Emoluments and other benefits are advertised in the advertisement put up by CSIR for the CSIR NET Examination
A limited Number of accommodation ( Both for boys and girls) is available in the guest house of C D R I situated at the CSIR Apartments, Scetor K, Aliganj, Lucknow
The Moti Mahal Trust situated at a walking distance from the C D R I Campus also provides hostel facilities to C D R I Research students.
    General Conditions
The above fellowships are purely temporary and selected candidates will have no claim explicitly or implicitly for any post/position in any of the CSIR Laboratories/Institutes including CDRI. In general, CSIR rules/regulations for selected candidates will be followed to the extent they are applicable.
For clarification please contact:
Academic Affairs Division
email :
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No part of this should be Downloaded or used in any way other than the non-commercial purposes without prior permission of the Director, CDRI.
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