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  Recruitment of Project Assistants in CDRI
Candidates holding M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Chemical Sciences/ Life Sciences/ Pharmaceutical Sciences and wish to apply for the Project assistant (PA) positions at CSIR-CDRI may visit the CSIR-CDRI website (http://www.cdriindia.org ) where PA positions for all externally funded projects are advertised on a regular basis.
For any clarification, please contact Dr Anju Puri ( anju_puri@cdri.res.in )

Please note that candidates working as PA in CSIR-CDRI are not entitled automatically for CSIR-CDRI PhD program in the institute. However, if they qualify for CSIR- SRFship on completion of two years period as project Assistants, they can register in AcSIR. Such PAs will have to resign from the project before joining as SRF.

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