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  Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF)


The Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility has several highly sophisticated and modern analytical equipments. Analytical services are offered to both internal and external users. The facilities are availed by about 250 internal users and 500 external users annually. More than 80% of the external users comprise researchers from universities and colleges. Researchers from national laboratories and industries constitute the rest. The major facilities include mass spectrometry, NMR spectrometry and electron microscopy. Routine facilities such as IR/UV, GLC etc are also available. There is a nominal charge for the external users. Besides providing service, the centre also carries out research on applications of the various techniques in chemistry and biology.
The following scientists in this Division are associated with this project. The necessary details in respect of these scientists are enclosed. Scientists from other Divisions of the Institute are also associated with this project. They would provide this information directly to you.
Dr. Ravi Shankar Ampapathi
Dr. Brijesh Kumar
Dr Sanjeev Kumar Shukla
Mr. Sanjeev Kanojiya
Dr Kalyan Mitra
The facilities available for analytical purposes are provided to the outside users as well on payment basis.
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